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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/19/2013


Bienvenue aux questions de zanark sur saru!Eh oui!
1:SARU faisait quoi avant?
Il buvait
il regarde
il espionne
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• 7/17/2013

Galaxy Hen Kakuchou Pack Dai 1dan Sekai Ni Habatake!! Shinsei Inazuma Japan!

Konnichiwa minna-San!
How's day? ^^
Had you heard about the news?
There's new TCG releasing on 18 July! >w<
I have got some related images~
Minna can have it! ^^
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• 7/13/2013

New Admins/New Contributor

To : All Admins and contributors of Inazuma Eleven TCG Wikia
Any new admins or contributor joined here?
We need more!! >w<
Admins and contributor that didn't edit at this wikia since one week, please be careful.
Admins will send messages to you to tell you to edit.
You joined this wiki for what?
You joined this wiki to edit, not to leave it at there.
For those busy one, I can forgive, but please remember to edit at this wiki.
Thank you for your cooperation! >___^
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• 7/13/2013

Resistance Japan

Hey minna! Now Resistance Japan is here...Fudou is the coach!? (Unbelievable OAO") What will happen to Shinsei Inazuma Japan? (I still haven't watch some of the episodes ><||)
I can't believe Fudou is the COACH!!!! >_____<
Is it really? Too many news about that at Facebook..
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• 7/7/2013

Signature Photos

Konnichiwa minna-San! There are many problems about signature photos right? I have a lot of signature pictures at here! Just contact me and choose which one you want! Uh yeah, I only have Chibi photos! I don't have any character sprites ^^"
Choose the pictures and you can ask some of the users to help you make the background transparent~
- Haruna, always at your service! :3
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• 7/7/2013

Inazuma Eleven Fan Fiction Writing/Creating Contest

Hey minna ! I have thought of having a competition for writing fanfics about Inazuma Eleven ! xD
If you guys like to join, pls contact me at:
The dead line of this competition is the first day of the second week in August. So start now ! 

Pls don't copy or take other people's fanfics
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• 5/25/2013

Inazuma Character (Talk Page Icons)

Hey guys !!! I've been wondering if you guys have this problem ~
"I wanted to put character pics as signature icon and I don't know/having trouble removing their background !?"
If you do, please insert the pic that you want to use and I will remove the background for you.
I hope this helps !!! :)
Examples ~
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